Crown Jewel Spiral Rod

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About This Rod

spiral rods

The Crown Jewel Spiral Rod featuring a halographic tiger wrap. After ten years of building antique and custom fly rods, this is Matt's first venture into Great Lakes steelhead and salmon fishing rods. All new projects begin with months of research and the spiral rod design was one of his most challenging. Two spiral rods were built for the Metro West Steelheaders out of Livonia, Michigan.

Inspired by advice from Karry and Bill Batson, (Batson Enterprises) after meeting them at the 2010 International Rod Builders Expo in N. Carolina, Matt built his first two “spiral” rods. A spiral rod redirects the pull of the fish to the bottom of the rod, so you can fight the fish, not the rod. Using two Rainshadow blanks, he built two trolling rods for use on the Great Lakes. The first rod, nicknamed The Crown Jewel by Eric Braden, was tested successfully, catching a good size King Salmon and 20 lb. catfish.