Client Testimonials

I really enjoyed fishing (with the Crown Jewel). It was my favorite rod of the day. I could get used to it. Dan K.

This is too beautiful to fish with. I have just the spot to hang it on my wall . . . John Gerlach

It's a sweet rod. I love the feel of it. Jason Bow, MI

The rod is beautiful. I can't thank you enough for it. Matt Coakley, NY

Winning that rod has changed my life! MUCC District 1 Fundraiser Raffle Winner

We felt like we have properly christened your nice rod when we landed that big guy. Dan K.

I love my SCV custom fly rod, made especially for me. It's so light weight and absolutely beautiful! Matt uses only the finest quality parts in his rods and I have a hunch he added a little TLC to mine. Renee Lubaway